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How global businesses see Internet Ban in India – 2020

I was at the moment of closing an international deal.

Me: Hey. We’re working on the prerequisites for the project. As discussed and agreed, the MoU will be sent to you by the end of the day and we’ll start working on it by Monday.

Client: Great. But this call is regarding something else. I heard your country is having riots all over. What happened?

Me: It’s over a law recently passed by the parliament and the riot map is spreading fast from one state to another.

Client: We know as we are closely watching the news. So, what do you think? Will you be able to complete this project within the deadline?

Me: Of course. The turnaround time for the first phase is just 3 months as we discussed. Don’t worry.

Client: I meant if the internet in your place gets shut down by the government. isn’t that something to be worried about?

Me: Not at all. The riots and the shutdown of the internet are happening in northern regions. As of now, things are under control over here.

Client: All this mess is over a law that’s influencing the whole country. The same thing has happened in Kashmir, then in some faraway state, now in your capital. It can happen anywhere. Right?

Me: Right. So what do you want to do about it?

Client: We’ll have to rethink once again about hiring an Indian company to work on this project. We’ll get back to you once we make a decision.

Me: Okay. As you know, anything can happen anytime in any part of the world and I wouldn’t blame you for being sceptical about the projects and its procedures. Do come back whenever you need a quality service and I’ll keep the MoU document draft undated for you.

Footnote: Nothing to comment on how the uncertainties in a country affect its people, businesses, economy and whatnot. It’s all visible in the conversation.

And yes, we live in India. We badly need a device (of different capacities) to store internet and use later when there’s no internet in such a way that power banks store power. Engineers, come forward. Let’s do something.

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